Paddle – Part 5

12 05 2015

I added some material to the sides (more cherry) and then just did a jig saw cut and started sanding.  I was a bit concerned about how to shape the shaft, since it seems that most people do that on a routing table and I don’t have one, but I found that an angle grinder with a 60 grit sanding pad does the job quite nicely.  After working my way down to a 220 grit sander and then some hand sanding… I’m ready for fiberglass.

The paddle weighs exactly 2 lbs right now.  I’m fine with that.  The glass and finish won’t add more than another pound.  In hind sight, I should have used cedar instead of hard maple.  I also should not have ordered the Chicken Shawarma on Sunday night.  Long story…





Paddle – Part 4

28 04 2015

Wow – I actually received an email the other day asking why my blog wasn’t about repairing my Scout anymore.  That means, someone actually reads this.  Cool.  The answer to the question is: Not much to say when there are no repairs to do.  The only update I can think of is that the gas gauge still doesn’t work.  Done.

So back to my canoe paddle. I created a make shift router jig to start thinning the Blade and it worked great.  I quickly learned that I didn’t need to build up the sides of the blade so high.  Lesson learned.  I need to ad a few more 3/8″ pieces to the blade to make it wider and then it’s time to start shaping the blade.

Paddle currently weighs in at 3 lbs.  My goal is 2.

And here’s a picture for you Bill… my paddle sitting next to my old beaver tail template… on the Scout!


Coldest Day of the Year

20 02 2015

I hadn’t had LaVera out and/or running since early January.  Today, due to unforeseen scheduling circumstances – I had to pick the boys up from school.  It was the coldest day of the winter season (so far).  I think the temp was 4, but the windchill was around -20.  Not cool Mother Nature.  Just not cool.

While I admit -20 is a bit chilly for me, I’m also a strong believer in the fact that there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad gear.  So I bundled up and seriously considered walking, but my 6 year old would not have shared my gusto to embrace the elements head on.  Time to fire up the Scout.

Roads were dry, so I wasn’t too concerned with the salt factor.  She was able to stay idle on the 4th start and I sat in the driveway for a full 15 minutes.  I had left her locked in 4 wheel drive, which I didn’t need, but was unable to shift out.  So I pulled out of the driveway and drove a block to warm/loosen things up a bit.  The we shifted out of 4 x 4 and unlocked the hubs.  She idled pretty high the whole time, but other than that – rode like a champ.

I snapped a photo to commemorate the winter ride and I think the Scout Gods were pleased.

1967 Postal Scout 800

Paddlboard update:

Blue prints have been ordered.  Holding patern until spring…


New Year – New Topic

9 01 2015

LaVera is in deep hibernation for the time being – not much to report.  I did fire up the engine this morning and even locked out the hubs just to keep things moving.  I drove from the garage to the sidewalk and right back into the garage again.  No sense in risking any salt contact if I don’t need too.

I started putting stickers on a rear side window.  Much in the style of the old California Woodies I guess.

My stickers are all currently from Milwaukee coffee shops and restaurants that I frequent.  We’ll see how far it goes.  I guess the next step would be to strap a surf board to the lid.  OK – I will.

In 2015 I’ll be building a wooden stand up paddleboard.  LaVera is running like a champ and I’m not capable of sitting still for any great length of time, so it’s back to my wood working roots.  The stand up paddleboard will look great on the roof of the Scout.  I hope to have that picture available before December 31!!!  Until then, my inspiration is:

Surf’s Up!

So my blog will be taking a much different focus while I document the paddle board journey.  I’ll try to include some Scout 800 pics in the background from time to time..


Photo Contest

6 01 2014

Still not much to report during the winter months.  LaVera is still tucked away during the frigged arctic blast we’re experiencing.

I do have some new info to report on a belt fix, but I’d like to include some pictures.  Maybe when the temp gets up above -15, I’ll pull her out of the garage for the update.

In the mean time, I’m entered in the Super Scout Specialists‘ Facebook picture contest!  10 cool trucks and whoever gets the most “Likes” wins $100 credit from sSs.  So please do not hesitate to click on the link below and “like” my Scout!  It’s the beautiful blue 800 with the fishing poles in the back:


At the time of this posting, I’m in a distant 2nd place… but anything could happen.  Poles close on Jan. 16.  So vote now and then go tell your wife and kids to vote too!

Happy Scouting!


Not off to a great start

28 03 2013

Today is my wife’s birthday.  Spring is in the air.  Feels like it might even reach close to 60 degrees outside.  What better way to celebrate than dust off the old Scout and take the family out to lunch.  And that’s where things just went all to hell.

Left hand turn signal… still out.

Gas gauge reads E… meaning I’m full.  Oh wait… now it’s right at 1/2 tank.  No… Empty.  Oh look – back to full.  Wait… what the…

And finally.  Have you ever had one of those days when you’re driving your 1967 International Scout down the road at 30 mph and the steering wheel comes off in your hands?  I just did.