Paddle – Part 3

23 04 2015

Baby steps.  I bulked up the handle a bit.  Once this is try, I can start shaping.

Get a Grip

Get a Grip

Next, I need to start thinning the blade before I add a few more thinner pieces to the sides.  Not sure how I’m going to do this actually.  I started in with a hand planer, but I think it would take me days of planing, round the clock to even make a dent.  I have an idea that involves a router and a sled.  Stay tuned.

You never forget your first curl.

You never forget your first curl.

.1 milometer down.  Nope.

0.1 Milometer down. Nope.



Paddle – Part 2

22 04 2015

I’m sort of flying blind through this project and I fully realize that the first paddle I make won’t be the final (or best) paddle I make.  For example, I had no idea what to expect with taking my bent shaft off of the form.  I would not have been surprised if it just snapped back into a straight line when I took off the last few clamps.  Nope.  I now own a hockey stick.  So I found a guy online that took a few pictures of his paddle project and it seems that step 2 was to glue on an inch and a half of material on the blade.  I didn’t know how long this should be, so I went a bit overboard.  This will certainly cost me a lot of TIME on sanding and cutting day.  Better to have too much than not enough… I think.


In a life or death situation, I think I have just created something that could be used as a paddle.  But I guess you could say the same about a tree branch with bark tied to one end.


Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle – Part 1

21 04 2015

As I mentioned in the past, I’m transitioning to more woodworking projects these days.  And here’s my first “on topic of the new, different topic” post…

Kaholo Paddle Board plans have arrived.  Still sitting in a bundled up roll in the corner of my office, but I see them every day and they look wonderful.  Unwrapping soon… I hope.

IMG_3429Sorry – no flash on my picture.  Not that a flash on the camera would have made a roll of paper look nicer.  But notice the little black tube thingy in the corner.  That’s my breather tub for the paddle board.  A very important component that is required so that your paddle board doesn’t implode or explode in temperature and air pressure changes.  My uncle caught wind of me building a board (he’s built several wooden water vessels) and just happened to have an extra.  It just showed up in the mail one day, along with a great step buy step article on building the Kaholo.  Cool guy.  Thanks Chuck!

Next, I’ve started building a bent shaft canoe paddle.  If all goes well, I’ll move on to my SUP paddle next.  No need to log the details, lots of other web sites do that, but in summary:

  1. Cut 7 strips of 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ board.  Mine are about 65 inches long.
  2. Cut a 14 degree wedge off of a left over 2 x 12.  Glue and clamp the strips.
  3. Dry for 1 day and then run the stick through the table saw a few times to even up the edges.  Don’t cut off fingers.
Cutting Strips

Cutting Strips

Glue and Clamp

Glue and Clamp

Clean Edges

Clean Edges

Note for my next paddle: The boards slipped a little while gluing.  Because of this, I’m shaving a LOT of wood off the edges.  Next time I’ll keep the boards a little wider to compensate for the slip.  Easier to cut it off / trim it down when it’s dry than over exert myself with creating flush edges in the messy glue stage.

Paddle on!

Coldest Day of the Year

20 02 2015

I hadn’t had LaVera out and/or running since early January.  Today, due to unforeseen scheduling circumstances – I had to pick the boys up from school.  It was the coldest day of the winter season (so far).  I think the temp was 4, but the windchill was around -20.  Not cool Mother Nature.  Just not cool.

While I admit -20 is a bit chilly for me, I’m also a strong believer in the fact that there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad gear.  So I bundled up and seriously considered walking, but my 6 year old would not have shared my gusto to embrace the elements head on.  Time to fire up the Scout.

Roads were dry, so I wasn’t too concerned with the salt factor.  She was able to stay idle on the 4th start and I sat in the driveway for a full 15 minutes.  I had left her locked in 4 wheel drive, which I didn’t need, but was unable to shift out.  So I pulled out of the driveway and drove a block to warm/loosen things up a bit.  The we shifted out of 4 x 4 and unlocked the hubs.  She idled pretty high the whole time, but other than that – rode like a champ.

I snapped a photo to commemorate the winter ride and I think the Scout Gods were pleased.

1967 Postal Scout 800

Paddlboard update:

Blue prints have been ordered.  Holding patern until spring…


New Year – New Topic

9 01 2015

LaVera is in deep hibernation for the time being – not much to report.  I did fire up the engine this morning and even locked out the hubs just to keep things moving.  I drove from the garage to the sidewalk and right back into the garage again.  No sense in risking any salt contact if I don’t need too.

I started putting stickers on a rear side window.  Much in the style of the old California Woodies I guess.

My stickers are all currently from Milwaukee coffee shops and restaurants that I frequent.  We’ll see how far it goes.  I guess the next step would be to strap a surf board to the lid.  OK – I will.

In 2015 I’ll be building a wooden stand up paddleboard.  LaVera is running like a champ and I’m not capable of sitting still for any great length of time, so it’s back to my wood working roots.  The stand up paddleboard will look great on the roof of the Scout.  I hope to have that picture available before December 31!!!  Until then, my inspiration is:

Surf’s Up!

So my blog will be taking a much different focus while I document the paddle board journey.  I’ll try to include some Scout 800 pics in the background from time to time..


Late Autumn Updates

13 10 2014

I’m a bit behind on catching up with all the late summer and autumn activities, so here we go:

Gas 05

Gallons: 3.71 ( I had friends coming in town, so I “topped off” early )

Price Per Gal: $3.48

Total: $12.91

Previous: 29999.4
Today: 30048.8

Average Miles Per Gallon (I think) 13.31mpg

Year to Date Cost in Gas: $133.58

Gas 06

Gallons: 4.89

Price Per Gal: $3.40

Total: $16.63

Previous: 30048.8
Today: 30108.4

Average Miles Per Gallon (I think): 12.18mpg

Year to Date Cost in Gas: $150.21

At this rate, I predict that I’ll clearly be under $200 in gas for the year.  Not too shabby for a Sunday driver.

Fishing Report

Speaking of Sunday… October is here and that means that the salmon run is in full swing in Milwaukee.  I’m sure most people don’t think of Milwaukee as the “River Runs Through It” type of location.  Let them keep on thinking that.  The less fishermen we have, the more peaceful my Sunday mornings are.  I spent this past sunday morning with my good buddy, Dan and ended up cleaning a 20+ pound Chinook Salmon on the tailgate of LaVera!  Pictures for proof.  Also notice that the TOP has returned for the winter.  See you next June convertable!




I never realized that my tailgate could double as a cutting board – but it worked great and only required a bit of scrubby bubbles when I got home.

Extra Bench

I’ve had an extra bench seat for sale on for quite some time.  Sold it just a few weeks ago.  The new owner, Matt, is a cool guy that lives in northern Illinois.  His Scout is pictured below an looks like a real beauty!  Hope you enjoy the new bench Matt, and please send pictures of it’s installment (and hopefully a nice re-apolstry job)


Random Notes

I’ve heard from a few people now, that I have a wobbly rear tire on the left hand side (my passenger side).  I’ve tried to have a friend video tape it, but it didn’t look wobbly at all to us.  Folks I have talked to says it could be the bearings.  Hmm… don’t know much about that.  Might need to take the old girl into the shop soon for a professional review.

And finally, my interior left hand turn signal indicator started working again..  I knew it was just a loose wire/connection, but I didn’t want to take the dashboard off for a 3rd time to fix.  Hooray for bumps in the road.



Everyone Loves a Parade

26 08 2014

My first parade of classic cars, followed by a day at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Car show.  Someone filmed the car parade.  Wait for it… wait….

And here’s a peek at LaVera in all her glory at the show.

dad's choice

I was part of what they call “Club Saturday” where anyone can show their car.  The Concourse de Elegance was on Sunday.  I didn’t get invited to that one.  Maybe next year when I get the seats recovered… right?