2 10 2015

Change is in the air.  Louise has arrived.


Louise is a Sierra Yellow/Gold, 1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Window, Low Light Bus with the Westfalia Camper Conversion.  She’s a beauty.  Purchased from a really cool couple in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Kyle and Katie) and delivered here on Thursday evening.  She’ll be my new pet project as Lavera travels to retirement in Texas.  I’ve already made my first draft for the fix it list.  Rear tires have been removed and brake inspection has begun.  This comes after I coasted into a nearby intersection at the end of my street.  Note to self – inspect breaks prior to speed tests… got it.

New break shoes all around
Oil change
Carb clean up
New tires (ordered)
Sliding door repair
Negative Battery Cable Replacement – I think this is why it doesn’t start sometimes…

This brief list will keep me busy over the next week and a half.  If things are looking good, she’ll be my vehicle of choice for an upcoming fishing trip to Sheboygan.  Otherwise, it will be an upcoming tow truck trip to Sheboygan…

Also – site news.  I don’t think I have any regular visitors to my site (other than you mom – love you). But if you are interested… https://creamcitybinder.wordpress.com will soon be http://creamcitycamper.wordpress.com.  Make a note of it.  I’m a cheapskate and I won’t be paying for the extra “site forwarding” extension thingy.

Now… off to the DMV.



Cha Cha Cha Changes

29 09 2015

Never really thought this day would come.  I sold Lavera.  Owning this little truck has been a dream come true and I don’t regret a single decision, flub up, fuel gauge fix or Napa Auto Parts bill.  Ok, maybe I regret a few of the hours I spent on the fuel gauge, but other than that… it’s all good.  Even the decision to sell.

I’m not selling because I HAVE to, it’s just time to move on to another project and get behind the wheel of a car that an go a bit farther down the highway.  Lavera is a local, round the town joy ride.  I’ll miss her dearly.

I didn’t actually think it would all happen so fast.  I never posted on Craig’s List or Ebay – just a post here on my blog and I got a couple of hits.  In the end, my SISTER of all people said she’d top any bid by a dollar.  Sorry other people (you know who you are and I appreciate your interest and offers) but family is family and I’d be a heartless fool to turn her down.

So I’ll be in the process of packing her up over the next few weeks to see if I can get her on the road to TEXAS before the snow flies.


Lavera will love the warm weather and probably be topless for the rest of her life.  Sounds good to me.  I’ve only visited Texas twice and both times I grew tired of seeing people that think it’s a good idea to hang metal gonads off of their rear hitch.  If you’ve never seen it, don’t think that I’m kidding here – it’s just what it sounds like.  Nuts on a truck.  I hope the Texas folk will get kick out of seeing what a classy truck really looks like.

So what’s next?  Time to rename the blog I guess.  I’m torn between Cream City Kombi and Cream City Camper?


Stay tuned…