New Year – New Topic

9 01 2015

LaVera is in deep hibernation for the time being – not much to report.  I did fire up the engine this morning and even locked out the hubs just to keep things moving.  I drove from the garage to the sidewalk and right back into the garage again.  No sense in risking any salt contact if I don’t need too.

I started putting stickers on a rear side window.  Much in the style of the old California Woodies I guess.

My stickers are all currently from Milwaukee coffee shops and restaurants that I frequent.  We’ll see how far it goes.  I guess the next step would be to strap a surf board to the lid.  OK – I will.

In 2015 I’ll be building a wooden stand up paddleboard.  LaVera is running like a champ and I’m not capable of sitting still for any great length of time, so it’s back to my wood working roots.  The stand up paddleboard will look great on the roof of the Scout.  I hope to have that picture available before December 31!!!  Until then, my inspiration is:

Surf’s Up!

So my blog will be taking a much different focus while I document the paddle board journey.  I’ll try to include some Scout 800 pics in the background from time to time..