About Cream City Binder

My name is Matt.  I live in Milwaukee.  I like to eat good food and I’m restoring a 1967 International Scout 800 with right hand drive.  This blog is about my truck. It’s also about food. It might even have some stuff about Milwaukee. But mostly, it’s about my truck.



6 responses

13 04 2011
Jason Farmer


27 04 2011

I love Matt

3 05 2011
S. Caton

How about a pic of you and your truck?

4 02 2013

Hadn’t checked on your blog for awhile. Just realized how wrong I was.

4 02 2013

At least you have your priorities right, as indicated by the post counts under “Categories”! Looked through your blog briefly. Love it! Can’t wait to explore it further! Scout on!

7 08 2016

Used to have one like it. Except it was stock and clapped out. Corn Binders are fun. I got good at putting lifters and push rods in it at the side of the road.

Very easy to convert to 4wd, save possibly the steering linkage (if it is different — probably just the right side knuckle on the axle). Fortunately, except for the necessary right hand drive stuff and the low axle ratio, standard Scout parts.

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