The Volkswagen Whisperer…

9 10 2015

So I’ve made a few updates to Louise.  Inspected and adjusted brakes all around.  Wired in a new Negative Cable from the battery.  Mounted and wired a new harness out of the ignition key cylinder (which I believe now to have been not needed) and cleaned up some wires in the back connecting to the coil and carb.

Louise was staring on a dime… I think that’s a saying.  If you can stop on a dime, you should be able to start on one too.

Here’s some video evidence of my victory…

I drove her in to my new mechanic today – Jake at Riverwest Automotive.  I’ll tell you right now – Jake is the man.  We took it for a test drive and he noticed several items that needed adjusting.  Lots of sputtering, stalling and bucking coming out of a gear change was the main concern.  I spent some more time behind the wheel and became more comfortable with finding the gears.  Jake spent 5 minutes under the hood and we took it for one more loop.  It’s like the bus was in the shop for a week getting a tune up!  Ran so smooth, I thought we were in a dream.  Still stalling out just a bit from time to time.  Gas pedal becomes basically unresponsive if you hit it too hard.  Again, Jake goes under and finds a small gas leak in the carb.  With the diagnosis in hand, I just need to wait for some free time in Jakes schedule to book my next appointment.

I was awoken from my dream on my way home when I stalled out in the middle of the busiest intersection in town.  Dead in the water.  No power.  Just darkness and sorrow closing in all around me.  Again, Jake to the rescue.  He sent a tow truck in minutes and Louise is back at the VW Ranch.

She’s in good hands now and as soon as we get this electrical glitch ironed out and a new carb, I think I’ll be in good shape to start some body work.  *I think…

jake shop

This mechanic knows a thing or two about VW’s





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