Cha Cha Cha Changes

29 09 2015

Never really thought this day would come.  I sold Lavera.  Owning this little truck has been a dream come true and I don’t regret a single decision, flub up, fuel gauge fix or Napa Auto Parts bill.  Ok, maybe I regret a few of the hours I spent on the fuel gauge, but other than that… it’s all good.  Even the decision to sell.

I’m not selling because I HAVE to, it’s just time to move on to another project and get behind the wheel of a car that an go a bit farther down the highway.  Lavera is a local, round the town joy ride.  I’ll miss her dearly.

I didn’t actually think it would all happen so fast.  I never posted on Craig’s List or Ebay – just a post here on my blog and I got a couple of hits.  In the end, my SISTER of all people said she’d top any bid by a dollar.  Sorry other people (you know who you are and I appreciate your interest and offers) but family is family and I’d be a heartless fool to turn her down.

So I’ll be in the process of packing her up over the next few weeks to see if I can get her on the road to TEXAS before the snow flies.


Lavera will love the warm weather and probably be topless for the rest of her life.  Sounds good to me.  I’ve only visited Texas twice and both times I grew tired of seeing people that think it’s a good idea to hang metal gonads off of their rear hitch.  If you’ve never seen it, don’t think that I’m kidding here – it’s just what it sounds like.  Nuts on a truck.  I hope the Texas folk will get kick out of seeing what a classy truck really looks like.

So what’s next?  Time to rename the blog I guess.  I’m torn between Cream City Kombi and Cream City Camper?


Stay tuned…



The 2015 Milwaukee Scout Rally

3 09 2015

The first annual Milwaukee Scout Rally was a smashing success with 100% attendance!!!  That’s right – we were BOTH there!!  I met Scott last year when he followed me home to check out my Scout.  We chatted, exchanged emails and he expressed interest in buying a Scout.  Well, a year later, Scott is now the proud owner of BEAST.  BEAST is an amazing 1969 SR2.  I’m not an expert by any means, but I do believe the largest engine IH ever dropped into a scout is a 304 V8.  That’s a lot of power for a small metal shoebox.  But BEAST has earned his name (Yes – I’ll continue to write BEAST in capitol letters – and for good reason) because someone has managed to squeeze in a 345… you know, it might have even been a 392… I’m not sure.  But it was huge and loud and powerful!  Popping open the bonnet on that bad boy was jaw dropping.  Imagine seeing 4 engines in the same amount of room as what your ONE engine fit’s into. It’s just… Dolly Parton in a push-up bra.

I drove BEAST around the neighborhood and said things like “holy s**t!”  and “this is awesome!”

Scott drove LaVera and said things like “it’s so quiet” and “it’s so quiet!”

Scott has lots of work to do to get BEAST roadworthy.  Some turn signal issues (been there).  Choke not adjusted (been there).  And the fuel gauge doesn’t work… but I wouldn’t know much about that…


But cosmetically – this is a sweet ride.  No dents, dings or cancerous rust.  The BEAST has arrived in Milwaukee.



So let’s see if there are any other Scout or IH owners in the Milwaukee area?… Drop me a line and we’ll see if we can have another meetup before the tops go on for winter.