Here’s a Thought

8 08 2015

So we’ve had a great summer in the Scout.  Top is off and we’re hitting the local ice cream shops as often as we can when it’s not raining.  But a recurring theme has begun… Dad – let’s take the Scout to the lake (55 miles away) … Dad – let’s take the Scout camping (2 hours north) … Dad – let’s take the Scout to Grandma’s house (even farther…)  Let’s be honest.  The Scout is a great, fun, head turning truck everywhere it goes, but it doesn’t go far.  I’ve been 55 miles per hour in it this year, and it wasn’t too bad.  Maybe I could have pushed it harder, but I just don’t feel the need.  That’s not why I own it.  But with my boys getting older and wanting to drive to Duluth and Chicago and other freeway necessary locations, I’m now asking myself… is it time to let go?

Maybe I’ll buy a V8 Scout, maybe I’ll buy a Travelall.  Heck, maybe I’ll buy a VW Bus.  Not sure yet, but I’ve decided to test the waters.

Scout for sale.  $10,000 – OBO.  Shoot me an email at if you’d like to make me go to bed tonight sobbing into my pillow.


If you’ve read my blog, you’ve already seen LaVera in all her glory, I have nothing to hide, but here’s a quick summary…

I *think* it’s a fair price given the condition and the fact that the right hand drives seem pretty collectible in the Scout community. She only has 30,000 original miles. I had just assumed the speedo had rolled over once, but the guy that replaced my leaf springs said “I’ve lived under old cars all my live, and that is a 30,000 mile car – not 130,000.” So I’m taking his word for it. Here’s a list of recent upgrades (between myself and previous owner in last 5 years):

Rebuild carb with a 2 barrel Motorcraft 5200 (Weber 32/36 clone)
Pentronix ignition
Replaced hoses
Recored the radiator
new front and rear U joints
newer shocks (previous owner)
new water pump
new clutch master and slave cylinders
Switched out old vacuum wipers with modern (vintage looking) electric
New wiper squirter
New leaf springs
Previous owner did a light restoration and replaced a few rusty floor boars with heavy gauge sheetmetal. Body is original and virtually rust and dent free! But if you want to find some rust, you’ll find it underneath 🙂
Interior sprayed with bed liner
New body bushings
replaced front and rear brake shoes
New fuel pump
New exhaust system
rebuilt the front steering knuckles.
Rewired and functional turn signals, brake lights, interior “courtesy” light and back up lights.
It has the D27 axles front and rear, four wheel drive high and low operate. The heater works and the glass is all intact. It doesn’t leak any motor oil, nor has it used any between annual oil changes
I also have a white wall spare tire and vintage rear tire mount that has not yet been installed.
The odometer reads 30xxx miles.

Here’s the bad:

needs upholstry! I have cheap seat covers on it now.

Gas gauge doesn’t work. Oh don’t you even get me started on this one. This is common on Scout 800’s and just pisses me off!!!
Front and rear differentials have replaced gaskets, but still drip a bit.

That’s all I can think of for now. Here are a few references to back up my estimated price.

2wd Right Hand drive sold last year for $10,100. It was just a half cab and had 60,000 miles. Missing hood emblems and no wipers, etc. but if I remember, it still looked pretty good.

Here is the recent sale of a 67 on ebay. Same engine. milage is 112,000 and has visible body damage from being in a fender bender… regular left hand drive.


Ok that’s it.  If it doesn’t sell.  We’re all good and I can take a deep breath.  We’ll go camping in my wife’s car.