Paddle – Part 4

28 04 2015

Wow – I actually received an email the other day asking why my blog wasn’t about repairing my Scout anymore.  That means, someone actually reads this.  Cool.  The answer to the question is: Not much to say when there are no repairs to do.  The only update I can think of is that the gas gauge still doesn’t work.  Done.

So back to my canoe paddle. I created a make shift router jig to start thinning the Blade and it worked great.  I quickly learned that I didn’t need to build up the sides of the blade so high.  Lesson learned.  I need to ad a few more 3/8″ pieces to the blade to make it wider and then it’s time to start shaping the blade.

Paddle currently weighs in at 3 lbs.  My goal is 2.

And here’s a picture for you Bill… my paddle sitting next to my old beaver tail template… on the Scout!





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