Paddle – Part 2

22 04 2015

I’m sort of flying blind through this project and I fully realize that the first paddle I make won’t be the final (or best) paddle I make.  For example, I had no idea what to expect with taking my bent shaft off of the form.  I would not have been surprised if it just snapped back into a straight line when I took off the last few clamps.  Nope.  I now own a hockey stick.  So I found a guy online that took a few pictures of his paddle project and it seems that step 2 was to glue on an inch and a half of material on the blade.  I didn’t know how long this should be, so I went a bit overboard.  This will certainly cost me a lot of TIME on sanding and cutting day.  Better to have too much than not enough… I think.


In a life or death situation, I think I have just created something that could be used as a paddle.  But I guess you could say the same about a tree branch with bark tied to one end.





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