Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle – Part 1

21 04 2015

As I mentioned in the past, I’m transitioning to more woodworking projects these days.  And here’s my first “on topic of the new, different topic” post…

Kaholo Paddle Board plans have arrived.  Still sitting in a bundled up roll in the corner of my office, but I see them every day and they look wonderful.  Unwrapping soon… I hope.

IMG_3429Sorry – no flash on my picture.  Not that a flash on the camera would have made a roll of paper look nicer.  But notice the little black tube thingy in the corner.  That’s my breather tub for the paddle board.  A very important component that is required so that your paddle board doesn’t implode or explode in temperature and air pressure changes.  My uncle caught wind of me building a board (he’s built several wooden water vessels) and just happened to have an extra.  It just showed up in the mail one day, along with a great step buy step article on building the Kaholo.  Cool guy.  Thanks Chuck!

Next, I’ve started building a bent shaft canoe paddle.  If all goes well, I’ll move on to my SUP paddle next.  No need to log the details, lots of other web sites do that, but in summary:

  1. Cut 7 strips of 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ board.  Mine are about 65 inches long.
  2. Cut a 14 degree wedge off of a left over 2 x 12.  Glue and clamp the strips.
  3. Dry for 1 day and then run the stick through the table saw a few times to even up the edges.  Don’t cut off fingers.
Cutting Strips

Cutting Strips

Glue and Clamp

Glue and Clamp

Clean Edges

Clean Edges

Note for my next paddle: The boards slipped a little while gluing.  Because of this, I’m shaving a LOT of wood off the edges.  Next time I’ll keep the boards a little wider to compensate for the slip.  Easier to cut it off / trim it down when it’s dry than over exert myself with creating flush edges in the messy glue stage.

Paddle on!




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