Late Autumn Updates

13 10 2014

I’m a bit behind on catching up with all the late summer and autumn activities, so here we go:

Gas 05

Gallons: 3.71 ( I had friends coming in town, so I “topped off” early )

Price Per Gal: $3.48

Total: $12.91

Previous: 29999.4
Today: 30048.8

Average Miles Per Gallon (I think) 13.31mpg

Year to Date Cost in Gas: $133.58

Gas 06

Gallons: 4.89

Price Per Gal: $3.40

Total: $16.63

Previous: 30048.8
Today: 30108.4

Average Miles Per Gallon (I think): 12.18mpg

Year to Date Cost in Gas: $150.21

At this rate, I predict that I’ll clearly be under $200 in gas for the year.  Not too shabby for a Sunday driver.

Fishing Report

Speaking of Sunday… October is here and that means that the salmon run is in full swing in Milwaukee.  I’m sure most people don’t think of Milwaukee as the “River Runs Through It” type of location.  Let them keep on thinking that.  The less fishermen we have, the more peaceful my Sunday mornings are.  I spent this past sunday morning with my good buddy, Dan and ended up cleaning a 20+ pound Chinook Salmon on the tailgate of LaVera!  Pictures for proof.  Also notice that the TOP has returned for the winter.  See you next June convertable!




I never realized that my tailgate could double as a cutting board – but it worked great and only required a bit of scrubby bubbles when I got home.

Extra Bench

I’ve had an extra bench seat for sale on for quite some time.  Sold it just a few weeks ago.  The new owner, Matt, is a cool guy that lives in northern Illinois.  His Scout is pictured below an looks like a real beauty!  Hope you enjoy the new bench Matt, and please send pictures of it’s installment (and hopefully a nice re-apolstry job)


Random Notes

I’ve heard from a few people now, that I have a wobbly rear tire on the left hand side (my passenger side).  I’ve tried to have a friend video tape it, but it didn’t look wobbly at all to us.  Folks I have talked to says it could be the bearings.  Hmm… don’t know much about that.  Might need to take the old girl into the shop soon for a professional review.

And finally, my interior left hand turn signal indicator started working again..  I knew it was just a loose wire/connection, but I didn’t want to take the dashboard off for a 3rd time to fix.  Hooray for bumps in the road.