Lots of Boring Updates (and 1, sort of, cool one)

25 07 2014

Gas 03

I’m continuing to keep up with the gas updates.

Gallons: 7.71

Price per Gal: $3.79

Total: $29.29

Previous: 29797.7
Today: 29897.8

Average Miles Per Gallon (according to my cave man math) 12.98mpg
Year to Date cost in Gas: $91.14

What have I learned from this?  Well, I’m a scientist so I can say that it is a clear matter of fact that you’ll get better gas mileage in June than you will in May.  Just look at the data I’ve collected here in my extensive research.  Boom!  Knowledge is Power!

Next boring update – Fuel Gauge:

I foolishly tried to fix my gas gauge again.  It didn’t work.

I had a notion that my ground wire was not grounded.  So I ran a nice, new, clean copper wire to a known grounded source under the hood.  Same old results.  I have a quarter tank of gas showing on the gauge.  Always.  No matter what. Grrr.

Fuel Sending Unit

So I’m now throwing this out to the people of the world.  If you can share with me the information needed to SUCCESSFULLY make my gas gauge work – I’ll give you $5.  Period.  That’s it.  Easy money.

Gas 04

The post at the top was from last month, I just hadn’t submitted it yet.  I’d been driving quite a bit, so here’s the latest:

Gallons: 8.368

Price per Gal: $3.53

Total: $29.53

Previous: 29897.8
Today: 29999.4 (anyone see something cool about to happen?)

Average Miles Per Gallon (I think) 12.14mpg
Year to Date cost in Gas: $120.67

Gas mileage and cost… blah, blah, blah.  Let’s get to the good stuff.

LaVera Turned 30

I think most people age their car by how many years old it is.  But LaVera just had a significant birthday.  30,000 miles!  Foolishly, I filmed the event with one hand, shifted gears with the other, and hoped for the best in the steering wheel category.  I was hoping she would turn 30 right as I pulled up to the beautiful view of Lake Michigan, but my timing was off and the big event happened next to the Mobile station on the corner of Capitol and Downer.  So the end of the video is rather anti climactic.  Not that most people would think there is ANYTHING climactic in a YouTube video about an odometer.