Waking the Sleeping Giant

22 01 2014

I think there is a saying about never waking a hibernating bear or a sleeping giant or something.  But waking my beautiful hibernating LaVera seemed to work out just fine.  Fired her up this morning and she held a steady idle after the 4th start.

I normally try not to take her out in the winter.  Road salt is evil.  Why can’t we just have packed snow on the road and people drive SLOWLY and CAREFULLY?  Crazy idea – right?  Plus, where does that salt go?… into Lake Michigan… a FRESH water lake.  Along with all the fertilizer people put on their grass…  I’d better stop before I can’t find my happy place anymore.

I suddenly have a busy, random Wednesday.  Wife has errands, kids have doctors appointments, we have a school event tonight, it’s an early dismissal day, I think I have to go to work and there are maybe four other things that I’m forgetting.  Anyhow, I need to get the Scout out on these beautiful (SALTY!!!) winter roads today.  I’ll just have to put the SALTY part out of my mind or I’ll start crying.  The morning warm up went great.  I’ll start it up again and idle for 10 minutes before I need to pick up the kids from school.

This gave me a good opportunity to take a quick picture of my new belt.

Green Belt

I know, the engine bay isn’t Pebble Beach ready quite yet, but at least it’s all working.  Working better than I imagined too.  Last October, I saw a light come on the dash that said GEN.  One quick peak under the hood and I could see that the belt was broken.  Turns out, the belts for a Scout are not easy to find these days.  I could have special ordered one, but a friendly fellow at O’Reilly Auto found a belt for a John Deere that had the identical V grove.  It was a bit shorter than my old belt, so the alternator is now tight to the engine, but it still has the right amount of tension and keeps the old girl running.

99.9% Scout + 0.1% John Deere = 100% Team USA.

Nothing Runs Like a Deere



Photo Contest

6 01 2014

Still not much to report during the winter months.  LaVera is still tucked away during the frigged arctic blast we’re experiencing.

I do have some new info to report on a belt fix, but I’d like to include some pictures.  Maybe when the temp gets up above -15, I’ll pull her out of the garage for the update.

In the mean time, I’m entered in the Super Scout Specialists‘ Facebook picture contest!  10 cool trucks and whoever gets the most “Likes” wins $100 credit from sSs.  So please do not hesitate to click on the link below and “like” my Scout!  It’s the beautiful blue 800 with the fishing poles in the back:



At the time of this posting, I’m in a distant 2nd place… but anything could happen.  Poles close on Jan. 16.  So vote now and then go tell your wife and kids to vote too!

Happy Scouting!