Gas Leak. Yikes.

25 09 2013

I’ve been in and out of town for over a month now.  Lavera has just been parked.

Looking at the weather, I’m seeing that the 80’s are behind us.  We’re lucky to be hitting 75 degrees here in Milwaukee and soon that will be 55 and then 35… you get the idea.

So I fired up Lavera yesterday morning to take the kids to school.  She seemed to start just fine and I had her idling in the driveway.  After about 2 minutes, the smell of gasoline was overpowering.  I lifted the hood and could see a steady stream of liquid flowing out of the tube that connects my under hood gas filter to the carburetor.

I shut off the engine and ran away.

A few minutes later I came back out to inspect.  The puddle under the truck was pretty significant and there was a large pool in the engine itself.

I don’t like gasoline.  If I found an affordable way to make my scout run on lard, I’d do it.  But that’s not an option, so I’m forced to clean the mess and replace the leaky tube.  I had everything all cleaned up and tube replaced on my lunch hour.

This did nothing to impress my wife.  My dishwasher has been broken for about 3 months, but the Scout breaks and it’s fixed by mid day – running great now too 🙂

not impressed

Time to go fix that dishwasher.