Aiming for Moonstone

23 05 2013

I’m sort of obsessed with the Moonstone Blue that some of the vintage Scout 80 and 800’s were painted.  And it looks like my little test I completed last night has solidified my theory that 5 quarts of Duplicolor Brilliant Silver and 1 quart of Duplicolor Deep Blue will get me close to my target.

Basically, I created a graphic in Photoshop that was 5 parts of the Duplicolor Silver (graphic from their web page) and one part deep blue.  Merged to find the average color and PRESTO…. MOONSTONE BLUE.  Not ordinarily a scientific test, but I’m no ordinary scientist… or a scientist.


On a side note, I originally wanted to recreate my Scout as a vintage Postal Service Truck – since my Scout is a vintage postal service truck.  Found a picture recently of what it was painted like.  Yes, underneath my camo, Ted Nugent paint scheme is a navy blue truck.  I think I’ll be happier with the Moonstone.

IH Postal Scout 800

But it does make me wonder if I have a city emblem on the side door.  This job calls for SANDPAPER!



Paint in 3… 2…

23 05 2013

It’s gettin’ real in Scout garage.  Seats are all pulled.  Roll bar is out.  Saturday morning will be wash and dry day.  Monday will be sand, tape and paint.  I have only one day to complete the entire painting process.  My wife will have the kids for the day, and whatever the Scout looks like at midnight on Monday night will be what the Scout looks like for the next 10 or 15 years.

In staying true to my lower than low budget, I went with the cheapest auto paint I could find.  Duplicolor.  They don’t offer a whole lot of options in color.  What you see in their 10 different cans is what you get.  So I’ll be mixing.  I looked at the following picture and determined that the scout is mostly silver with a whisper of blue..

Light Blue Scout

That’s what I’m aiming for.  So I’ll be throwing 5 QTs of Brilliant Silver Matallic in a big bucket with 1 QT of Deep Blue Metallic.  Whatever it creates, goes on the truck.

For an extra $100 I could go to Sherwin Williams and have some auto body paint mixed up to the exact color I want.  Or, I can just wing it with my own personal mix and spend that $100 I saved on donuts.  I love donuts.


The Point of No Return

8 05 2013

I think the most common subject in regards to my Scout is either the fuel gauge (not working again #$@%&*!) and the paint.  I’m sick and tired of trying to make my fuel gauge work.  The gas cap is no longer leaking, so I just top it off every 50 miles and I have piece of mind that I won’t run out of gas again.  So it’s on to paint.

This morning, after I dropped off the kids at school and before I had to be in my office, I took of the grill, license plates and front and rear bumpers.  This makes my Scout no longer street legal.  Next time they go on, they’ll be shiny black and the Scout will be baby blue.  Cue the rock and roll music!