A Quiet Winter

30 01 2013

Goo has been resting peacefully in the garage for over a month now. We had a clear, dry January weekend recently, so Spencer and I took the old girl out for a drive. Everything is looking good. She took about 10 minutes to warm up. I should have let it go another 5, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Heater worked great. The interior left hand turn signal indicator worked for the first 5 minutes and then went out. I wonder if I’ll ever fix that.

We were one of the only ones that parked in the basement of Milwaukee’s awesome art museum. Great photo opportunity. I just wish I had brought a better camera.



We were only out for about an hour and then it started to snow.  It was then a race to get Goo back home before the salt trucks hit the road.  We won.

January is such a great time to not drive in Milwaukee, so I fill my spare time with looking at International Scouts online.  I even meet other Scout owners through email or on Binder Planet from time to time.  Recent Scoutaholic encounters include Phil and Larry.

Phil is restoring a sweet 66 in Montana and is also kind enough to share some great fishing and camping tips with me for an upcoming fly fishing trip.

Phil’s Montana Rig


Larry has a 1964 right hand drive Scout 80.   I’m extremely envious of his sweet new, blue paint job.  But that’s not the best part.  Check out the killer, pre-restoration plaid seats!

Larry's Blue Scout

Larry’s Blue Scout

Before Restoration

Before Restoration

Larry’s Scout will soon be on it’s way to Australia where it will have many other Right Hand Drive friends.

Nice meeting you both and sharing Scout stories!!