Proof is in the Pudding

18 12 2012

Testing out my new electric wipers – FOR REALZ!



A Comedy of Errors

18 12 2012

Warning, this post contains more fuel gauge updates.  Turn back now if you just don’t give a crap anymore.

After a week of road testing, let’s start with some updates.  First, the bad news:

  • Interior left turn signal indicator has stopped working.  Outside signals still work fine though, so I’m street legal.  Easy fix, I’ll get to it… later.

The good news:

  • Electric wipers work flawlessly in rain AND snow.
  • Wiper fluid squirter thingy is fantastic
  • Backup lights and backup signal light – perfect
  • Glove box – clean and sturdy
  • Fuel gauge… in theory, it serves it’s purpose.

So what is the purpose of a fuel gauge.  When you get right down to brass tacks – it tells you when you need more gas before you run out.  And that is what mine can do.  It just has a unique way of actually doing it.

When I first installed the new gauge, it read about 3/4 of a tank.  Seemed a little high because I thought I had a bit less than half a tank of gas at the time.  Still, I was willing to settle for ‘close enough.’  I have even read on some other sites that people know they are almost empty because the gauge get’s down to 1/2 a tank.  Just a matter of calibration I guess.

So with my Scout back on the road again, I’ve been driving it any chance I get.  I was a bit puzzled (miffed, confused, pissed) when I noticed yesterday that my fuel gauge read FULL.  I started out at 3/4 earlier in the week, and now I’m magically FULL.

Obvious conclusion: Something is broken.  What a load of crap.  

So I figured I’d better not risk it and go back to the strategy of filling the tank every 50 miles just to be safe.  I topped off the tank with a whopping 8 gallons of gas.  Care to guess the outcome?  My fuel gauge now reads EMPTY.

New conclusion: The fuel gauge is reading my levels backwards.

Sure, I’ll eventually try and fix it, but in the mean time, it does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do.  It tells me when I’m almost out of gas.  I just have to rethink the gauge’s MEANING.  I guess E stands for ENTIRE… as in, there is gas in the ENTIRE tank.  And F stands for F*CKED… as in, you’re F*CKED.

Picture shows that I have an ENTIRE tank of gas.

Picture shows that I have an ENTIRE tank of gas.


Release the Beast

11 12 2012

It’s been a while, but Goo is back on the road again.  Lora was out and busy in the other car, so I had to drop the kids off at school today.  Nothing like a last minute scramble to get the old girl running and out the door in 5 minutes (after sitting idle in the garage for 2 months) .  She was a little sluggish in 1st gear – but that is usually the case if I don’t let her warm up.  The drive home from school was much more relaxing.  Gas gauge looks a little bouncy.  Never seen that before, but if it’s working, I’ll take it.  When it bounces down below half a tank, I’ll fill it up again.  Open road test of the wipers went perfect.  Oil gauge is leaking, but I think that can be fixed with a crescent wrench.

Crappy cell phone picture of Goo on the road is attached.  Oh… look at my neighbor’s car… a tiny square box on wheels.  I wonder where the design inspiration on those came from????



Time to wrap it up.

7 12 2012

Just as winter sets in and the Scout prepares to goes into hibernation, I almost have everything put back together to have it roadworthy again.  The new glove box is in and fits perfectly.  I was a bit nervous that a right hand side box wouldn’t fit in my left hand side.  A few screws didn’t line up, I think only 6 of 10 fit, but it seems to be holding tight.  For some reason, the wiring re-assembly was a JOKE  this time.  I would test everything and it worked great.  Install the instrument panel and the left hand turn signal light would go out.  Fix the turn signal and the backup light indicator would go out.  Rewire the indicator, test and everything would work.  Installed the instrument panel and the left hand turn signal light would go out.  It went on and on like that about 3 more times until I was able to button it up with everything 100% functional.

My final step was to put the steering wheel back on.  This is a 2 person job.  I can’t call it a 2 man job, because my wife was the only one around that was able to help.  My wife is more than 100% capable of helping me out to fix the truck.  The main problem is that she doesn’t WANT to help me fix the truck. I don’t think it would be possible for her to care less than she already does.  I’ve been steering wheel ready for over a week now, but getting Lora out to the garage is like trying to give a cat a bath.  A cold bath.  With sharks.

So this afternoon on my lunch hour, I coaxed her into helping me for 5 MINUTES.  I think she may have even started a timer.   She didn’t even have to do much – just screw on a nut while I push the steering column forward from the engine bay.  I didn’t have a camera to record this historic event, but I found something on line that is very similar to how I remember it in my head.

Mechanic Wife