Order up.

14 11 2012

New fancy glovebox that I mentioned in my last post has been ordered.  So I can start putting the dash together just as soon as it shows up.

Ready to roll.

Double checked all my wiring.

Yep.  I’m all set.  Just need the glove box.

Any day now…



Singing in The Rain

8 11 2012

Dropped the dash last night.  No really.  I dropped it.  On the ground.  The old, interior cardboard glove box was the only casualty.  As you might imagine, it was pretty flimsy since it’s a 50 year old cardboard box.  And glove boxes in trucks don’t hold gloves by the way.  They hold tools and spare parts – heavy ones.  How did that design meeting go anyhow?

We need to give our truck a glove box.  Shall we make it out of metal like everything else – or just thick paper.  Thick paper.  People LOVE thick paper.  

They make new, tough, ridged plastic replicas now, so it looks like I’ll need to upgrade.  I’ll have the nicest, cleanest, newest, toughest vintage replica glove box interior in town.

On a more positive note, the electric wipers are in.  Also included is a fancy wiper fluid squirter thingy feature.  I love it.  I’ll be able to drive in the rain AND see where I’m going.  As apposed to the previous situation where I could only pick one or the other.

Additionally, I drilled out a vintage Wiper Knob so I could fit it on the new, modern switch.  Next on my list are some new vent hoses.  Old ones are pretty crusty and turn to dust when they come into contact with ANYTHING.  Dash assembly starts tonight, then LET IT RAIN!


Weekend Report

3 11 2012

Spent some hours in the garage last night.  Fuel gauge has it’s final wiring in place.  Back up lights are in and will soon be functional with a custom switch on the dash.  I wired in a little “reminder” light in the dash as well, so I can tell if I’m driving around at night with my back up spot lights on.  Good stuff.

Truck Guts

One minor setback.  I thought I would be able to just slide the top of my dashboard back a little and squeeze in my new electric wiper motor.  No such luck.  I have to drill a support bracket in from the bottom.  That means the whole dash is coming off.  Shortcuts never work.


It’s Alive

2 11 2012

Please forgive me if you see any typos in today’s post.  It’s hard to see what I’m typing with all of these tears welling up in my eyes.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have a quarter tank of gas in my truck.  Amazing – right?  And how do I know this fantastic information? Because my FUEL GAUGE WORKS. I had to run a new wire off the sending unit and then try a few different wiring configurations on the new replica gauge and then blah, blah, blah, whatever, IT WORKS!

Still, I can’t close up the dashboard quite yet.  This weekend I’m rewiring my old backup and tail lights.  Then I’ll move on to the electric wiper upgrade… which is why I took off the dash in the first place.