Steady Hand

25 09 2012

I never realized that I have the painting skills of an 82 year old schizophrenic patient.  I’m in the process of painting my travel top.  It had rust spots and the interior was jet black, making my Scout seem dark, sad and dirty on the inside.  So I bought a cheep sprayer and have been going to town with some Dupli Color Champion White.  It’s looking great.  My spray technique is in it’s early, trial by fire, learning stages.  But I think it will all turn out fantastic.  Then I picked up a brush…

I had a bit of paint left over last night, so I thought I’d try my hand at panting the International Scout logo on the tail gate.  How hard can it be?  Just paint the raised letters.  Well, I now have total respect for all the folks that do the fine line detailing on custom cars.  My tailgate looks like it was a collaborative decoration project for my son’s kindergarten class.  All it needs is glue and glitter.

OK, so I’m exaggerating a bit.  But still, I couldn’t brush stroke a straight line to save my life.  I guess I’ll just make sure people only look at it from 10 feet away.  Then it’s not so bad.

Don’t look too closely!



Slow Summer

10 09 2012

I’ve been driving more than fixing this summer.  So I can’t complain.

My gas gauge has stopped working once again, so I’m on the “fill it up every 50 miles” plan, until I take the dashboard off and start testing some wires.

Most noticeable updates would include the white wall tires that make the truck drive like a DREAM and the black roll bar.  I spent a whole night painting layer after layer and the black roll bar looks perfect.  I chose black, because that’s what my wife suggested a few months ago.   When she first noticed that it was painted (4 days later) her first response was:

“Black? Really?  I would think white would look better.”