Double Trouble

25 07 2012

I have officially repaired the same part twice now.  My Fuel Sending Unit.  Originally, it wasn’t wired correctly and the gauge in the dash was bad.  I swapped out a new gauge when the dash was off and re-wired.  PRESTO!  I had a working fuel gauge.  All is right in the world.  That was about 6 months ago.

A few weeks ago, I had my roll bar put on.  In order to do some of the welding, my mechanic had to pull the fuel tank out.  I guess welding steel tubes together 3 inches away from 9 gallons of unleaded gas is a bad idea, or something.  Long story short – when the gas tank went back in, the fuel gauge stopped working.

I read on line that this could be caused by a short or accidental grounding of the wire.  So I re-wired.  Again.  No luck.  I was sure that the gauge in the dash was fine.  It hadn’t been touched.  So I took the plunge and bought a new fuel sending unit.  This is no small task to install.   I’m basically opening up a hole in the side of my gas tank and screwing on a new, electrified floating device.  Questions going through my head are:

  • Will a spark in my drill ignite the fuel in the tank?
  • Is my fuel low enough in the tank to open this hole?
  • Will I be able to plug the hole up properly when I’m done?
  • Is the fuel sending unit the real problem?
  • Did I wire the fuel sending unit back up properly?
  • What if it sparks?
  • Will this all work in the end?

Well it worked.  I was more than just a bit nervous near all that gas.  I took my time and only used hand tools.  After installation, my gauge went to 1/8.  I filled the tank and we’re back at Full.  With no leaks.

A Fuel Sending Unit

On to my next project.  Converting the vacuum wipers to electric.  Oh boy.