18 06 2012

So I guess wheel balance is important.  I ran a highway test a few weeks ago and wheel balance became a major issue at 47mph.  Suddenly my steering wheel was rocking left to right and the feeling in the truck could be best described as “reentering Earths atmosphere.”  Dan, my passenger at the time, was suddenly making his final preparations to exit the vehicle before we toppled over the Hoan Bridge and into the frigid waters of the Milwaukee River far below.   Things returned to normal once we pulled to the side and slowed down to 20mph.  We gave it one more test run and encountered the same issue at 48mph.

Wheel balancing is next on the list.

In other news, my gas gauge stopped working, the parking break doesn’t work at all and my wife is not happy with the seatbelts I have installed for the kids.  In other words… DOH!