… boring …

7 05 2012

The Scout has been in the shop for almost a month now.  When I originally dropped it off, I mentioned that there wouldn’t be any rush to get the roll bar in and complete the other work (fixing emergency brake and an exhaust leak) any time soon.  “No rush,” I said.  2 weeks later, my truck has just been sitting in the corner of the shop looking awesome.  Not getting any work done on it… just sitting and looking awesome.   4 weeks later – same story.  Are you bored yet? Need a coffee?  I do.

So I turned on the heat and “should” be getting my baby back this weekend.  Stay tuned.

On a positive note – I discovered the cause of the grinding noise ON THE VERY DAY that I dropped my truck off at the mechanic.  As it turns out, I wasn’t using my shift leavers the right way.  I found a vintage sticker on line that better explained what the center leaver does.  In a nutshell, the center leaver engages and disengages the front axle.  Mine was slipping.  It’s locked tight now in the OUT position (meaning the front axle is not engaged) and the 3rd gear grind is gone.

Happy trails!

**** Update **** I just noticed that I already wrote about the 3rd gear grinding fix about a month ago.  So the first 50% of this blog entry is boring and the last 50% of this blog entry is  just rehashing an old story… which is boring.





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