The Wheels on the Scout go Round and Round

28 03 2012

The Scout has been in hibernation for most of the winter.  But things are starting to happen.  Goo will be back in the shop next week.   The laundry list of items to fix is just too long to mention.  But in the mean time, I’ve made some minor progress.

First, dad picked up a spare rim that is a dead on match to one of my front wheels.  Why do I have one wheel that doesn’t match the other ones?  I don’t know.  But it’s the same size and it works.  Having a spare will be nice for long trips or just to have here in the garage as a backup.

Plus, it was only $25.  A bargain, considering that I’ve only found one other for $45 in Pennsylvania.

Next, all the tire talk led me to asking a few questions about finding some  hubcaps (or wheel covers) that would fit my 16″ rims.  Hard to do.  The 16″ wheel covers seem very rare.  Long story short… I have the much more common 15″ rims.  Someone on a Scout forum pointed out in this picture that the tire actually says 7.00 x 15.

Apparently, my rims were switched-  since the original line setting ticket specified 16.  And to measure a rim, you measure from the BEAD SEATS (where the bead of the tire rests inside the rim) – not the edge of the rim itself.  Go figure.

Sure, I wish I had the larger 16″ tires – but this makes my next mission much easier.  15″ inch wheel covers are much easier to find.



A Bright New Future

16 03 2012

Winter in Milwaukee has come to an early end.  High temperature today should be around 77.  Last year we had about 2 feet of snow on the ground at this time in March.

With spring comes thoughts of glorious days in a convertible Scout.  A pretty Scout.  A Scout with a working engine and is safe for my kids to ride in.  Most of these things do not exist for me – so it’s time to get back to work.

I’m having some clutch trouble now.  I’ve learned that this can easily be fixed by making some adjustments to a few screws conveniently located behind the clutch pedal.  Well that’s nice.  I can easily fix that.  One minor issue though – the previous owner welded the adjustment rod together.


Note to self: next time I can’t find the right size nut for a bolt – keep looking – DON’T start welding.

Adjustment rod - welded tight!

This one is now out of my league.  Off to Chalo (my mechanic).  While I’m at it, I’m going to have Chalo rebuild my carburetor.  Again, this is something that I could ‘potentially’ learn to do myself and save some money.  It is also something that I could ‘potentially’ screw up beyond all reasonable comprehension.  Chalo job.

And finally, Chalo has an expert welder on staff that can take care of welding in my roll bar.

The bill for my Chalo visit is starting to add up.  I’d better open a lemonade stand.

On a much more positive note.  I found a great bargain on a spray gun and have chosen the final color for Goo.

The manufacturer calls it Bright Blue Metalic.  A descriptive name – yes.  But, you don’t name a color with a description.  You name a color with feelings and emotions.  Haven’t they ever seen a box of Crayolas or the Martha Stewart paint line at Home Depot?  This is clearly Moon Shadow Breeze or Dancing Blueberry.


Art Imitates Life

3 03 2012

Today, I’m a proud papa.  My son gave me a privileged peek at his journal that he keeps at school.  Lots of Mario Brothers and Star Wars going on in that kid’s head.  But this seemed to catch my eye:

For those of you that may need help with first grade penmanship, it reads:

I love DAD’S Scowt  It was Fun seeing it in a traLr

I know someone who is getting an A+ in AWESOMENESS.