Scout 800 Overdose

30 01 2012

I collect pictures of other Scouts.  It helps me visualize the possibilities with my own truck and pick out favorite colors, tire sizes, upholstery, etc. So when I stumbled upon this little Shangri-La of Scout 800 pictures in a Picasa web album… I was quite pleased.  In fact, I think I blacked out there for a minute.

Check out the full glory at



Going… going…

17 01 2012

Not much I can do in my winter down time on the truck.  I was hoping to turn the garage into a winter paint studio, but from what I hear, auto painting is best performed at 70+ degrees.  That knocks my painting back to August here in Milwaukee.

So I’m off to ebay with all of my spare parts.  Maybe I’ll make enough money to afford my $400 electric windshield wiper conversion kit.

This week I’ll be selling a Speedometer, Fuel GaugeIgnition Switch and an Ash Tray.

I mean seriously – who DOESN’T need a used ash tray out of a 1967 Right Hand Drive International Scout 800?  You put that under the Christmas tree next year for mom and you’ll be a hero.



12 01 2012

First snow of the season.  I was compelled to drive to my son’s school (5 blocks away) in 4 wheel drive.  I’m pleased to report that shifting into 4 x4 was as easy as spreading warm butter on hot toast!

I got about 3 blocks away from home in the snow and then remembered that my windshield wipers are not connected.  I guess I’ll need to address that soon.  Goo sure did look nice in the Wisconsin Winter though!

Goo is now tucked away in the garage for a few months.  I’ll take her out if need be, but Milwaukee puts enough salt on the roads to turn Lake Michigan into the Dead Sea (and my truck into a pile of RUST).

Oh, and congratulations dad – you’ve won the 2011 First Annual Pokey Award. Fixing my mirror and noticing the tire wobble made you a clear winner!  I’ll print you out a nice piece of paper with a fancy border.