The 2011 Pokey Awards

21 12 2011

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  Award season.  I’m sure most people are all a buzz about who will win the next Oscar or Tony or Grammy or whatever.  And it seems that everyone is getting in on the action with MTV awards, Spike awards, I think HGTV even gives out awards.  So I’m jumping on the band wagon with the first annual…


Our Founder - Pokey

Pokey, of course, is in homage to my first right hand drive, 1967 International Scout 800 that I purchased back in 1988.  Named Pokey.

What is a Pokey award?  Well I’m glad you asked.  It’s nothing really.  No trophy.  No plaque.  But it is a great honor and  maybe I’ll print you out a nice certificate that you can pin to your wall if you win.

Who will win the Pokey award?  Well I’m glad you asked.  Each year I’ll pick a few folks that have contributed to the better well being and enjoyment of my Scout.  Most of these folks don’t even read this blog and won’t even know that they are nominated.  But in the end, I’ll choose one person – and good for them.

And this year’s nominees are:

A guy named Clint at Babcock Springs.  Clint not only made Goo look fantastic with new leaf springs, but he also gave me the great idea of how to heat up my rusted on seatbelt bolts with a torch and then whack them with an impact driver to get them loose.  Good job Clint – it worked.

My good friend Jason Farmer.  Jason is one of 4 or 5 people that actually read this blog and contribute with comments from time to time.  He also listens with great focus any time I’m rambling on about Scout stuff.  Thanks Jason.

Dad.  Not only did dad participate in purchasing Goo, he showed up this past year and helped me get the windshield wipers working, fix the rear view mirror that I was on the verge of throwing away, bolted down my hard top for the winter and shipped my car seats from Houston.  Congratulations on your nomination dad.

Lisa.  My sister Lisa kindly stored my 2 original seats in Houston for a few months before they were shipped to Milwaukee.  Nice work Lisa.

Chalo.  Chalo is my new mechanic.  Not sure how things will work out yet, since I haven’t gotten the truck back from it’s first visit to Chalo’s shop, but the cheaper that final bill is, the more likely he is to win.  Hint, hint Chalo.

Larry in Virginia.  Larry sold and shipped me a decent looking right hand drive Scout 800 dashboard for about $60.  The attached parts ended up fixing my speedo, gas gauge and more.  Nothing to date has had a greater impact on the aesthetics of my beautiful baby.  You’re the man Larry.

Lora.  My wive hasn’t provided a lot of positive feeback in relation to the truck.  In fact… wait… let me think.  Yea, not a lot.  Or any, really.  But she did allow me to go buy it.  So that’s pretty major.  Thank you dear.

And this concludes the field of nominees for the 2011 Pokey Awards.

I’ll make my final decision on the winner in January – so that’s plenty of time to receive bribe money.



More Shop Work

20 12 2011

Goo is back in the shop this week.  I recently replaced the leaf springs to address the right hand side lean.  One week back in my drive way and I was leaning again.  So it was back to Babcock Springs.

One thing always leads to another – that’s for sure.  On my drive back to Babcock, my dad (following behind me in his car) noticed that my rear tire was wobbling.  Just to reiterate, I don’t know much about cars.  But I do know that tires spin… not wobble.  I’m a product of the 70’s so I know for sure that the only things that wobble are Weebles.  This was cause for great concern, because it could easily be caused by a bent axle.   Not good.  In addition, the Scout was still having a hard time warming up in the mornings.  I did my best to fix the electric choke a few weeks ago, but I was clearly not successful.  Things were going downhill fast.  Leaning truck, wobbly wheels, sluggish motor.

Fast forward to today and things have bounced back nicely.  The dudes at Babcock added a few extra leaves on the right hand side and I’m nice and level.  They also introduced me to Chalo who owns an auto repair shop right next door.  He found some loose parts near the rear wheel bearings, tightened them up, added some grease and the tire is spinning straight as an arrow.  Today, he’s diving into the electric choke.  Life is good.

He did mention that he wants to take a closer look at my universal joint.  No word yet on what his concerns are, but I appreciate the fact that he likes my truck and wants to make sure it’s healthy.



20 12 2011

I keep an eye on ebay from time to time just to see what other International Scout 800’s are out there in the world.  What do they look like?  How much are they selling for?  I knew that the old right hand drive scouts were hard to find.  But I had no idea that it was practically an endangered species.  I might as well be driving a motorized Dodo bird.

Since I bought Goo the Scout almost 1 year ago, I haven’t seen a single other RHD 800 come up on Ebay until today.

This also happens to be what my truck would look like in suicide black…. (Brenden!)


Ernie Bisio

2 12 2011

I’m traveling on business this week and staying in a hotel with the slowest internet connection known to man.  I firmly believe that there are hundreds of guests sharing a single AOL dial up modem that is plugged into a jack down in the basement.  While painfully surfing the web, I ran across this page:

It looks pretty fascinating.  Right up my alley.  I’ve been trying to load the video for over an hour now and I think it would be faster to walk to Oregon in my bare feet, find Ernie and interview him myself before this video loads.

Some day Earnie, I’ll know what you have to say.  I’d like to post a picture of you too, but I think I smell the modem smoking.