Clean Gas

22 11 2011

I’m no Richard Petty, but I do know that cars don’t run on tar.  And that’s exactly what my old fuel filter was full of.  I finally bit the bullet, did a little research and replaced my own filters.  There was one filter in front of the fuel pump and one after.  Changing the one after the pump was easy.  It’s up on top of the engine and when you disconnect the lines, no gas spills out.   Hooray for gravity!  Changing the filter in front of the fuel pump in another story.  It’s directly below the tank, so when you disconnect the lines – you’re now sitting right in the path of the Exon Valdez.   Gravity – Booooo!

I did my best to clamp the lines shut, but those are some pretty thick and tough fuel hoses down there.  I was bathing in flowing gas and working as fast as I could.   Picture the scene where the pilot is trapped under the gas tank in The Great Waldo Pepper.   It took about 3 minutes start to finish and I’d estimate that I was laying in a 1/2 gallon pool of gas.  <sarcasm> Lora loved the way I smelled. </sarcasm>

BEFORE - filter filled with gunk.

AFTER - filter filled with clean gas.

Engine is running much smoother now and idling much lower.

I also completed the seat belt task and took the whole family to the mall.  Lora had much to say about the truck along the way, but she did say the following at one point, “slow down, you’re going too fast.”  I think it’s the nicest thing she’s ever said about the truck.  <wipe single tear on left cheek>

Not the best picture, but notice the seat belt straps for the boys.

Next repair – engine vacuum lines and electronic choke. I’M RICHARD PETTY.






A Post for Jason Farmer

21 11 2011

For Jason Farmer

This post is for Jason Farmer.  It is proof positive that there IS a right hand side to my truck.

Scoutin’ with the Boys

21 11 2011

The dream has come true. I have many new updates to share, but the most important is that Spencer, Augie and I went for our first Scout ride.

Here’s the result…