Going up…

25 10 2011

24 Hours later and my new leaf springs are in.  I could tell the difference, visually, right away.  My wheel well lifted almost a full 4 inches on the front driver’s side.   But the best part is – the ride home was about 50% quieter.  Each pot hole that I USED to hit felt and sounded like the engine was bolted directly to each tire.  It was almost painful.  Today’s drive home from Babcock Auto Spring Co. could only be compared to a magic carpet ride.

Scout 800 Before

Scout 800 After

Scout 800 After

Next investment will be radial tires.

I also had a nice conversation with a mechanic next door to Babcock that gave me a few great pointers on cleaning out my carburetor.



I lean to the right…

24 10 2011

That’s not a political statement.  If it was, it would be a pretty blatant lie.  I’m referencing, of course, my leaf springs.  My Scout is about a full inch and a half lower on the right hand side than the left.  Chicago mail men in the 60’s apparently were not famous for there lean stature.  So after following up on a few different leads, I discovered Babcock Springs.

It seems to me that these guys are the real deal.  Settled on a fair price and dropped Goo off this afternoon.

Cha ching.

Let’s see if we’re all leveled off in 2 days.



Buckle Up

12 10 2011

I have to admit… the seatbelts in the back seat aren’t going to work very well until they actually bolt to something on each end.

Scout 800 rear bench seatbelt screws

It’s obvious where the belts are SUPPOSED to attach, but it’s been a real challenge trying to make it actually happen.  I’ve had problems with screws and nuts on my truck in the past, but these threw screws are really breaking my knuckles.  I’ve finally resorted to grinding out a larger slot for a flat head screw driver.  Connected my large flat head screw driver to a large plumber’s wrench and started heaving away with all my might.  Not only does the screw not move… I think it quietly laughs at me.

Scout 800 seatbelt screw

Time to drill.  I’m sure I’ll go through a nice collection of drill bits grinding these screws out, but at this point, I don’t see any other options.


My latest quest…

10 10 2011

I saw this picture recently.  Tail gate on a late 60’s model scout.  Same bumper as mine (other than it being chrome – la dee da) and it has a functional spare tire holder.  I’ve been wondering if these exist or if I needed to find a whole new bumber to accommodate a rear spare.

Scout 800 Tailgate

Now I know.  The hunt is on.


Out with the new and in with the old

7 10 2011


Goodbye friend.

I’m selling off my perfectly good 2002 Toyota Highlander (with ridiculously low miles) in order to make the Scout my daily driver.  I drive, on average, about 4 miles a week.  And that’s only if I make special plans to go somewhere 2 miles away.  So it should be a reasonable decision right?  I certainly don’t need 3 cars.  My 6 year old hasn’t asked for the keys quite yet.  And I’m hoping when he does, he’s getting the SCOUT keys.

I hope my wife sees this the same way.


Grandparent Scoutin’

4 10 2011

Nice weekend with the folks in Wisconsin.  Got the top fully secured for the winter and poked around under the hood for a while.  We may play with the throttle later this evening.

Had an afternoon lunch with pops in the Scout.  If you’ve never had a Solly’s butter berger… start training now.  Loose 10 pounds and then go pig out.  Good stuff.  Just don’t ask for pickles.

Hey look, this is my first post about the Scout AND food in Milwaukee.  Brain – Melted.

Granny in the Scout

This vehicle is Bop approved.