Autumn Winds…

30 09 2011

It’s official, the hard top is bolted on for the winter.  See you next summer, summer.



A Scout Story…

22 09 2011

I hope this day never comes for me.  Sorry for your Scout loss Kerry…


All work and no play…

15 09 2011

So it’s been a while.  I’ve had some fun in the Scout over the summer, but I pretty much stopped the progress once I had it roadworthy.  The summer fun is slowly coming to an end and the winter months are quickly approaching – it’s time to get busy again.  It dipped down into the 30’s last night and only heated up to about 58 today.  Still no reason to bolt the top down, but I’d better get ready to do just that.  Old man winter is unforgiving in Wisconsin and he often shows up to parties without even being invited.

On the plus side, I went for a spin today (still with the top off) and the heater worked quite nicely.  Maybe the top can wait until the temp hits below freezing???

This weeks check list:

  • Aquire bolts for the top (mine only has the 7 bolts that go in above the windshield)
  • Find out why the windshield wipers aren’t working (I must have pinched a line when I put on the dashboard)