Huê is Grêat

17 08 2011

I’ve lived in Milwaukee for over 4 years now, but I still can’t keep my Bay Views, Bayvilles,  Bay Sides and Bay Whatevers straight.  So let’s just say that Lora and I found a gem of a restaruant on the South Side of Milwaukee last night.  It’s called huê Vietnamese inspired cuisine.

Yes, the H is lower case and the E is actually suppost to have both a Circumflex (ê) AND an Acute (é) over the top, but they don’t make that letter in any font or other language that I’m aware of.  Other than the odd spelling and my lack of knowledge in local geography – I liked EVERYTHING about this place.  Here’s a quick list:

  1. The food was just as unique as the name
    – amazing spring rolls called Gỏi Cuốn… hey wait, that O has the circumflex and acute.  Everything is starting to make sense.
    – a pork dish called Bún Nem Nướn. Don’t look at that letter O too closely.  What is that, an acute and a horn?  None the less… Delicious. I won’t be sharing mine with Spencer next time.  I’ll get my own.
  2. Tuesday was $2 Tall Boy nights.  Mmmm… Schlitz.
  3. This is the best part – it was packed.  On a Tuesday night. I like PACKED restaurants.  The longer you have to wait for a table – the better the food is going to be.  That’s the truth.

Ģôðɗ ȿŧüfҒ!. Ḡø ṱḩëѓę åñđ Ēņĵő¥¡¡¡


The Scout Effect

11 08 2011

Ladies go wild for Scouts.  Here’s proff:


The Polls are Now Open!

5 08 2011

Please place a vote for which color you think I should paint the Scout.  Example pictures of each color can be clicked on below.

Royal Blue

Silver Blue

Baby Blue

Aqua Marine


Taters Got to the Vet on Time…

4 08 2011