Rapid Progress

29 07 2011

For possibly the first time in it’s life, a real Scout passenger seat has been placed in my Scout.   I’ve also made a few other additions.  Check out the sweet horn.  And what is that, a new twin stick transfer case boot?  Well, oo la la.  Let me just put on a tie and we’ll go for a ride.

Looking better every day...

Summer time... still topless.

Notice the (upside down) IH emblem in the center of the horn.



Authentic Seats… 10… 9… 8…

22 07 2011

Just got off the phone with Howie.  He’s welding my passenger seat base to the proper form to fit a right hand drive Scout 800.  The base is now done and on it’s way home.  I think Lora’s first ride in the Scout is about 1 week away.  Give or take a year. Or two…

Old Seat Base


Awesome Just Got Awesomer

15 07 2011

It worked.  The travel top is hanging nicely from my garage ceiling.  I have a 2×4 supporting the back end with stronger, 600 lb tie downs going up to the pulleys.  It’s a piece of art.  The yellow straps you see in the picture are just safety straps in case the pulleys or blue tie downs fail in any way.  The last thing in the world I want is this monster landing on my kids or dogs.

Maybe I need to clean my garage for future pictures.

But wait, there’s more.  I’m about to melt your brain.

Licence Plates.

On the road again.

Ok, so maybe it’s only my brain that is melting.  But Goo hits the road today.  The pie chart below displays the percentage of awesome in this news:

Pie chart showing the percentage of Awesome.

Next project… blue paint.




Houston, we are go for lift off…

14 07 2011

The one man Scout Travel Top lift project got started last night.  And with 100% certainty, I can tell you that it was almost totally a partial success.  Sort of.

I only have about a foot and a half from the top of the lid to the ceiling.  This BARELY gives me enough room to make the block and tackle pulleys work.  Which means, there can’t be any slack in the straps around the top.  The straps in the back were so tight, they were pinching the bottom of the top together, so they ended up getting wrapped around the luggage rack and whale fin (yes, my top has a whale fin) which might not be too secure.

Pulleys at work.

Time to build a better mouse trap.

I think I’ll run a 2×6 under the back of the top with some hooks on the ends that will stick out on each side.  This way, the Scout top can ‘rest’ on the 2×6 and the pulleys will just lift from the hooks.  My wife has been making me watch Million Dollar Designer lately and I think this idea is much more delicious and sexy.


A Box of Joy

6 07 2011

I’ve taken a little time off from working on my truck.  A little travel, a little work, a little blah, blah, blah.  But things are rolling again and it all started with this beautiful package that came in the mail today.

The magic mystery box...

Could it be:

A. new license plates? – no that would be TOO awesome.

B. new bracket for my passenger seat?  no – but I’m working on it.

C. new block and tackle system for taking off the travel top by myself in the garage?  I’ll give you a hint: YES – it’s C. a new block and tackle system for taking off the travel top by myself in the garage.

The travel top for my Scout 800 weights about 200 – 300 pounds, but it feels more like 12 tons when you’re lifting it by yourself.  It’s practically impossible to remove single handed.  I recently had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles – Lucy’s El Adobe Cafe.  My friends and I discussed many methods to achieve the one man Scout top lift.

  • Sliding on a ramp
  • backing into a forklift style structure and deflating the tires
  • I think chains, ropes, jacks, springs, cannons and catapults may have been mentioned as well.
In conclusion, I’m sticking with my original plan.  2 block and tackle pulleys will be suspended from the ceiling of the garage.  Back in, unbolt and wrap some straps around the front and back and up to the pulley with a carabiner.   A few tugs on the rope and tie it off on the side.  Then I should be able to drive right out from under it.

Stay tuned…