Seat Progress

13 06 2011

I’ve officially dragged my entire family into the Scout restoration process.  My sister has been storing my new (old) bucket seats in Houston for a few months and dad just drove them in this past weekend.

As it turns out, removing the previous Ford Taurus seat was no problem at all.  It was mounted on a Scout II base that I might be able to sell on eBay.  With the area clear, it’s easy to see how the folding seat will work.  The problem is that the base of the folding seat is rusted out.  I’ve sent out some messages on Binder Planet to see if I can find a replacement.  If not, Jimmy Rig time.


Ford seat has been DELETED 🙂

And finally… a better picture of Lora’s new ‘favorite part,’ the Travel Top.




The Steering Wheel and Full Top Return

6 06 2011

Considering that I’ve done very little with the Scout over the last few weeks, we’ve made some huge progress in just one day.

I purchased a new travel top (just like it originally had) and discovered the following:

  1. Heavier than you can possibly imagine.
  2. Needs some rust repair
  3. Needs an exterior paint job
  4. Needs new seals around the glass
  5. May need a bit of welding on 2 of the seams
  6. Has a few significant dents – that I may be able to live with
But other than that – SCORE!

Crummy picture... but you get the idea.

On the same day as the new top delivery, and with the help of George, the previous top’s owner, I was able to re-attach the steering wheel.  This brings my 3 month dashboard reconstruction project to and end.  100% successful.
Next up, cleaning out the garage and installing a block and tackle system to lift the lid.