Buckle Up

27 05 2011

Seat belts arrived in the mail today.  Great find on Amazon.com.  My crew is now standing by…

Seat Belts

Co Pilot




The Excitement is Building

26 05 2011

The paint job on some dash parts and steering wheel/column turned out quite nice.  I’ve got just a few more touches to complete on the horn (details, details) and I’ll be ready to plug it in when dad gets here in 2 weeks.  Then we’ll be back on the road again.

New steering wheel is looking good.

Also dropped in the new back seat.  Nice upgrade.  I’ll be painting the frame on this once I finish building a deck, paint the kitchen, remodel the basement, build a bed frame, put on the screens, and just a few dozen other things.

Millie checks out the recent changes.


Seoul Korean BBQ

24 05 2011

Finally… some non International Scout content!

I used to have a Milwaukee food blog.  It was a lot of fun to put together and IMOHO very accurate and informative.  In fact, maybe a little too accurate.  I really burned a couple of restaurants for their bad food and/or bad decor and ambiance.  Soon after I compared a local Thai food restaurant to a bad 80’s night club, complete with WHAM! music and disgusting bathrooms that just screamed Hepatitis B… my site was taken down.  Hmm…. I wonder why?

So now, in the interest of self preservation, I’ll still keep things honest and informative, but I’ll only blog about the GOOD restaurants.   Currently topping the list – Seoul Korean BBQ.

Korean Yumminess

If you haven’t been to Seoul Korean for the lunch buffet yet – stop what you are doing and go start the car.  It’s ridiculous.  The food is amazing.  The variety is amazing.  And did I mention that the food is AMAZING?

Typically, I can’t handle the real spicy items, but their spicy pork is the stuff that dreams are made of.  I know it’s going to hurt… but I just keep going back for more.

Seoul Korean is very unassuming in both decor and location.  You wouldn’t even know its there if you weren’t paying attention as you race down Prospect Ave.  But now you know.  Go.

Keep up the good work Seoul Korean

2178 N Prospect Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 289-8208

– 5 stars!


When it rains, it pours.

20 05 2011

This is ridiculous.   Exibit A:

Bench Number 1

This is the rear bench that I finally found.  I knew I would eventually find one, but that it would take me years or be rediculusly expensive.  In the end, I traded my top and bulkhead for it.  Not a bad trade really.  The top had a few issues and the seat has a few issues.  But at last, I had my rear bench.

One week later… Exibit B:

Bench Number 2

I just bought this from a guy down the road.  He was selling it on craigslist – Cheap!  How can I pass this up?  Original upholstery… original arm rests… it’s great!

Now I own 2 rear benches.  Maybe I should buy another Scout.


Perty Stuff

19 05 2011

I can’t believe I’m at the point where I’m making major cosmetic changes.  It’s a good feeling.

Not much to look at now.  Steering wheel got a little epoxy on some cracks.  Column and wheel have their first coat of primer.  I’ve got to really take my time here.  Sand, paint, sand again, paint again, repeat…  This will have the biggest impact on the ‘look’ of the truck.

Original Horn


Primer on the rusty steering column.

Primer on the wheel and horn.

Stay tuned…


I’ll Live With It

18 05 2011

I’ve done nothing but think about my upside down W for the past 24 hours now.  I’ve calculated the time involved to repair this job.  It wouldn’t be too bad.  Maybe an hour or 2 if all goes well.

But then again, with the M so close to the C (for the inoperable choke knob) I’ve now realized that the truck has my initials right there on the dash.

Things just went from bad to awesome.


“M” is for “Man, That Sucks!”

17 05 2011

Step 1 – Spend 2 evenings removing knobs and dials from the dashboard.

Step 2 – Spend 8 hours removing the dashboard

Step 3 – Spend a full day untangling and labeling wires

Step 4 – Spend 1 week testing and running new electrical wires

Step 5 – Spend 2 nights refurbishing knobs and dials

Step 6 – Spend 1 night reconnecting knobs and dials to the correct wire

Step 7 – Spend 2 nights replacing the dashboard

Step 8 – Spend 1 night reattaching knobs and dials on the dashboard

Step 9 – Realize that the knob for the left windshield wiper is on upside down, so it looks like an “M” rather than a “W” (for wiper).  This is because the component behind the dashboard that the knob is attached to was put in upside down.

Step 10 – Also realize that this tiny little glitch will drive me crazy from now until the end of time and will have to be repaired.  And to do that…

Step 11 – Return to Step 1

Notice the M in the center of the picture.

This is a major blow.  I’m trying to relax and enjoy the moment of seeing my shiny new speedometer and gas gauge bezels… but man, this sucks.

Next steps:

  • Repair the wiper knob
  • Paint the rusty steering column and faded steering wheel