25 04 2011

Oh, well there’s the problem.  Yea, yea, I see it now.

wiring diagrammc


A Culprit is Revealed

25 04 2011

Received some great advice from the folks at last week.  After asking everyone in the world about my issue, posting on every Scout forum in existence and sifting through all the possible answers and outcomes of why my hazard lights are ALWAYS blinking, a fellow at mentioned:

“Why don’t you disconnect all the wires coming out of your steering column one by one.  If the hazards go off, but the turn signals work, then you just have a car with no hazards.  This is what the older 80’s had anyhow.”

Would someone please give this guy a big bear hug and a warm chocolate chip cookie!

Hazard Wiries

Although this procedure didn’t lead directly to a solution, it did shed some light on the subject.  If I start unplugging a few wires – the left turn signal will go out.  Plug them back in and unplug a few other wires and the right turn signal will go out.  I’ve done just about every combination imaginable and have concluded that:

The turn signal switch is constantly sending power to both lights – not the hazard switch.

New turn signal switch on eBay here I come…


Welcome to the Jungle

20 04 2011

I removed the dashboard and entered into a new world last night.  My life is now a giant electrical wiring diagram.  And all the wires are green.

Explosion at the spaghetti factory.


The School of Hard Knocks

18 04 2011

One might think that taking a steering wheel off a car would be easy.

One would be wrong.

In order to fix up my dash as I had planned on doing this weekend, I need to remove the steering wheel.  The difficulty revealed itself to me bit by bit throughout the day as I removed the horn, several odd round components, and then finally a very large bolt – that required a very large socket.  I thought that would be the last step.  But again, I was wrong.  Some manual investigation and online research quickly taught me that steering wheels don’t just pop off the car with the greatest of ease like they would in a Carlie Chaplin film.

Four trips to the auto supply store and an evening on the International Scout blogs, I’ve come to the conclusion that:

  1. this is hard
  2. I need a “Gear Puller”
Gear Puller

Gear Puller On

Weekend Update:
  • 40% of the old dash has been removed
  • Gear Puller is doing it’s thing
  • May have struck a deal for a rear bench seat… stay tuned.

Christmas in April

13 04 2011

Good things come in large, heavy, oddly shaped packages.

The new dash has arrived.

I don’t know Larry from Virginia.  But I guess I would describe him as a right jolly old elf, with a broad face and a little round belly,that shakes when he laughs, like a bowlful of jelly.  Yes, Santa Claus is alive and well in Virginia and is parting out a 1967 Right Hand Drive International Scout 800.  In order to make his sleigh lighter this coming Christmas, he delivered my gift early.

I know what I’m doing this weekend.


The Danger Zone

11 04 2011

I knew that eventually I would get to this point.  I have a never ending list of items that I NEED to fix, but I’m already there.  I’m at the point where I’m about to start fixing things that I WANT to fix.

That might not sound like a bad thing.  I ‘want’ to change the color, so eventually I’ll paint it.  I ‘want’ a different top, so eventually I’ll get one.  The difference with my latest ‘want’ is that I could really end up shooting myself in the foot.  I WANT to fix up the dash board.  You know, the thing that is hooked up to a complex web of wires that tell you really important stuff, like how fast you are going and make the headlights work, etc.  If this goes wrong, I’m going to have a very expensive piece of garbage in my garage.

My 67 right had drive scout has a very unique dash board.  I’m not sure any other dash from a left hand drive International Scout 800 or 80 would even be compatible.  So with mine in significant disrepair due to mutilation by previous owners, I really flipped out when I found an opportunity to buy an original, matching replacement.

My injured dash.

I guess I’m a bit of a purist.  I know I’m never going to have the car show room quality.  But man do I like all the original details.  So naturally, it always bugged me that a previous owner had hacked out the original speaker in the dash to insert an oil pressure gauge.  I’ve been driving cars for close to 30 years now, and not once have I ever looked at an oil pressure gauge and learned anything from it.  Add that to the deep scratches where he/she hacked away at the instrument panel to add a VOLTS meter. I don’ t care if the VOLTS meter was pointing to 5, 20 or 1000.  That means nothing to me.  It could just as easily be pointing to “potatoes.”

The plan now is to replace the dash, and insert my already working parts.  This will get me back to the vintage LOOK, with the least amount of electrical disturbance.  I do, however have a broken FUEL gauge and turn signal lights.  I’m hoping I can salvage those parts from the new instrument panel on it’s way.  I may also keep the oil pressure and volts gauges, but bury then behind the dash or mount them on an auxiliary panel below the original.  I could say that I’m doing that so the next owner has some options – but really it’s because I won’t know what I’m doing with all of these wires and I don’t want to unhook anything that will BREAK everything else.

Ultimately, I just don’t want to break anything.  I want to complete this fix and still be able to drive it when I’m done.  I have a feeling, that when I dismantle the dash and take my first look behind, it will be like Neo staring into the Matrix.  Only instead of Neo, I’m Tippy the Turtle.


The Score: Visitors 4 – Home 1

8 04 2011

Three mouse traps missing their peanut butter bait this morning.  It seams that I am just a pawn in this game.